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We specialize in selling freshwater ornamental fish in Indonesia. We provide more than 100 types of tropical freshwater fish, particularly Indonesia's wild caught fish with good quality and good health. We only supply high quality wild caught fish with special deals and prices. With more than 30 years of experience and strong supports given to us by our existing customers, we believe that we are able to provide better service over time. Based on past experience, we are proud to inform you that we have a high number of satisfied customers, ranging from personal fish keepers to companies, both national and international. We evaluate our products periodically to decide which one is interesting to show on this website with some selection criteria, such as high order rate, good items for collection, and special price. Please kindly visit our product gallery to see our collections and let us know by e-mail, phone, or visiting our show room if you need any further assistance.


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Welcome to Lili Aquarium website! Online store of freshwater ornamental fishes. We guarantee your order safely to the destination. Please select your favorite fish with a special price.

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